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Asilah, Larache & Lixus Tour

Asilah, Larache & Lixus Tour
Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Morocco Travel Included: Larache & Lixus Sightseeing Tour, Transport in Luxury 4x4, English, Arabic, French Speaking Driver, Marrakech Expert Licensed Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Riad or Hotel In Tangier
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►Pick up at your Hotel or the Tangier Port. Drive approximately two hours and Visit Larache and the Roman Ruins of Lixus along with the coastal town of Asilah.
Visit Larache & Lixus:
Larache is an important harbour town in the regionTangier in northern Morocco. It was founded in the 7th century when a group of Muslim soldiers from Arabia extended their camp at Lixus onto the south bank of the Loukkous River. In 1471, the Portuguese settlers from Asilah and Tangier drove the inhabitants out of Larache, and again it remained uninhabited until the Saadi Sultan Mohammed ash-Sheikh decided to repopulate it and build a stronghold on the plateau above river Loukos. He constructed a fortress at the entrance to the port as a means of controlling access to the river. In the 15th century superpower due to their marine expenditures Portugal spoke of Larache as the largest Moroccan Port.
►Larache, like the other towns on this stretch of coast, is sleepy and laid-back for most of the year, bursting into life in summer when Moroccan tourists come to the beach. The charming town otherwise sees few visitors. The new town has some grand Spanish-era architecture, particularly around the central Place de la Liberation (the former Plaza de Espana), while the tiny crumbling medina was being renovated at the time of writing. North of the river Loukos, on the edge of town, is the main site, the overgrown ruins of ancient Lixus, the legendary site of the Gardens of Hesperides.
►Visit Lixus, the site of an ancient city located in Morocco just north of the modern seaport of Larache on the bank of the Loukkos River. The location was one of the main cities of the Roma province Mauretania Tingitana. Among the ruins there are baths, unknown temples, 4th century walls, a mosaic floor, and the intricate, confusing, remains of the Capitol Hill to explore.
►Continue to Asilah.
About AsilahThe gorgeous whitewashed resort town of Asilah feels like somewhere on a Greek island, but the tapas and paella on the Spanish menus in the restaurants and the wrought-iron windows on the white houses are but a few reminders that the town was Spanish territory for a long time. Assilah is an easy and hassle-free introduction to Morocco. A fortified town on the northwest tip of the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Asilah is an hour from Tangier and makes for the perfect day trip during a visit to Tangier or on arrival at the Tangier Port by Ferry.
Asilah was once a port city used by the Phoenicians as a trade base in 1500 B.C. It was then conquered by the Portuguese in 1471 and was later abandoned. The city was then taken over by Moroccans and led by Moulay Ismail. This charming seaside town once served as a base for pirates in the 19th and 20th centuries, and in 1829.
Today Asilah is one of Morocco’s most intimate popular seaside resorts that is popular with both foreigners and Moroccans. It is less of a touristic city then it’s sister port town of Essaouira. The town and old medina is also home to many Spanish expats.
Asilah hosts an annual arts festival each August. The Asilah Arts Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza featuring both studio and performing artists from all over the world. Journalists, writers, painters, musicians and dancers gather imparting the setting with color, exuberance and dynamism. The arts festival is inclusive of a mural-painting festival each August. The best paintings remain on the Medina walls.
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