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Morocco Jewish Day Tours

MOROCCO JEWISH DAY TOURS -  Explore Jewish Sites, Synagogues, Holy Sites & Hear Stories of the Mellah on these One-Day Guided Jewish Tours 
Travel to Morocco and Explore Jewish Heritage Sites and Hear about the Stories of the Mellah’s on one of our Morocco Jewish Day Tours. Learn about the Jewish culture that has been interwoven throughout Morocco on a private one-day tour with Moroccan guides who are Jewish Heritage experts in each city and region of Morocco. 
During a Jewish Day Tour, your private, guided experience will take you to Morocco’s Jewish synagogues, cemeteries and respective Jewish Heritage Sites. On our Morocco Jewish Day Tours travelers can delve into Morocco’s rich Jewish History and learn about Jewish Sephardic traditions. Morocco is home to Jewish relics displayed in Casablanca's Museum of Moroccan Judaism, tombs of famous Rabbi's in the Fes cemetery, Synagogue Lamps featured in Dar El Bacha's Jewish Heritage Collection in Marrakech and unique treasures located at the House of Memory (Simon Attias Synagogue) in Essaouira. Jewish travelers can participate in Shabbat services and dine with a Jewish family on the sabbath.
The once vibrant Jewish community in Morocco remains alive today offering visitors who take a Morocco Jewish Day Tour the unique opportunity to reflect on the country’s Sephardic, Jewish traditions. Morocco’s 15th century Jewish community is partially responsible for Andalusian architecture and music created during the time of the Spanish Inquisition when Spanish and Portuguese Jews migrated to the Maghreb.
In the new Moroccan constitution adopted in 2011, His Majesty King Mohammed VI reaffirmed the “Hebrew distinctive characteristic” of Morocco as ” one of the age-old pieces ” of “its national identity”” and called for “the restoration of all the Jewish temples ” in the Kingdom.
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 ► Visit Jewish Synagogues & Hear Stories of the Mellah's
 ► Explore Jewish Museums, Holy Sites & Famous Rabbi Tombs
 ► Attend Shabbat Services 
 ► Dinner at  a Kosher Restaurant or Home
 ► Up Close Meeting with Local Jewish Community in Morocco
 ► Discover Jewish Land marks and historical sites 
Casablanca, Jewish Heritage Day Tour
Casablanca is respectively admired for its longstanding Jewish Heritage. On a Casablanca, Morocco Jewish Day Tour you will follow in the footprints
of Moroccan Jews who lived there for centuries. Tour Casablanca’s Jewish Museum, the only one of its kind in the Islamic World, visit Jewish Synagogues including Temple Beth-El renowned for it’s stain glass windows, discover Jewish Quarters (Mellah), Tombs and Cemeteries and the souks. Meet the Jewish community, lunch at the Kosher Club and attend Shabbat services.
Fes, Jewish Heritage Day Tour
Since the 9th Century, the Imperial city of Fes is known to have once hosted the largest and oldest Jewish communities in Morocco. As Morocco's intellectual and spiritual capital, the Marinids founded the Jewish Mellah, in Fes El Bali, old Fes. The majority of Jews resided there until they were moved to Fes El Jadid, new Fes, adjacent to the King’s palace which intern provided the monarchy direct control over their artisan skills and the advantageous diplomatic relations they had with Europe. On This Fes Morocco Day Tour, travelers will visit the Jewish Quarter of Fes dates, the Jewish Mellah, Ibn Dannan Synagogue, a 17th Century Jewish landmark, Talmud Torah Synagogue and El Fassiyeen Synagogue. Discover the blue-painted tomb and story of Solica while exploring the Jewish cemetery and its white washed tombs. A special treat is to visit the home of Maimonides and Maimonides Jewish Community Center. Meet the Jewish community at Shabbat Services and have Dinner at a Rabbi’s Home or Kosher Restaurant.  
Marrakech, Jewish Heritage Day Tour
Explore Marrakech on a Jewish Heritage Day Tour. Discover this city of underground channels built by the architects from Cordoba, Spain to provide water for the town and Palmery. Visit the 16th Century Ibn Lazama Synagogue, an important testament to Morocco's Jewish History. Meet KaA Roumani, an anthropologist from London who works as a guide at the Lazama Synagogue. Explore the Miâara Jewish Cemetery and Shop in the Old Spice Market located within the Jewish Mellah.The Rahba Kedima is a colorful market filled with a wide array of typical Moroccan spices including cumin, cinnamon, saffron, dried pepper, and many more. Enjoy Shabbat Services and Shabbat Dinner at a Private Home in the Marrakech Medina.
Essaouira, Jewish Heritage Day Tour
Essaouira referred to as, Old Mogador, is one of the most famous cities visited by first time travelers to Morocco who are interested in Morocco's Jewish Heritage and wish to explore the Atlantic coast. Explore Essaouira's Jewish Heritage Sites on this Morocco Day Tour. Discover the Jewish Mellah, the Hiloula, Ancient Rabbi’s, soulful door paintings and carved emblems in the old Jewish Quarter. Visit the Haim Pinto Synagogue, the Attia Synagogue and the House of Memory. Not to missed is the Jewish Marine Cemetery, separated from the ocean by a single wall. It has over two thousand tomb stones made of rock in cubist shapes which date back to the 18th century. This cemetery also houses the mausoleum of Rabbi Haim Pinto. Essaouira’s total population is 70,000 with fewer than 25 Jews. The Jewish community dates from around 1700. 
Tangier, Jewish Heritage Day Tour
Tangier, the capital of the Tétouan and often referred to as “The Bridge of the North" boasts a rich Jewish history. This white washed city sits at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Spartel. Discover Tangier’s rich Jewish Heritage and the architecture of the Moors on this Morocco Day Tour. Jews who migrated to Tangier were once known as Tanja or Tingus. They fled after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and settled among the Berbers. There was a second wave of Jewish migration in Tangier from those who lived in the Iberian Peninsula in 1492. During the Alhambra Decree Jews were expelled Spain and Portugal. This second wave of immigration changed Moroccan jews, as they largely embraced the Andalusian Sephardic liturgycreating a population of Moroccan Jews that gained a primarily Sephardic identity. Highlights seen on this Tangier Jewish Morocco Day Tour are visiting the Moshe Nahon Synagogue, Chaar Rafael Synagogue, Temple Chocron, Tangier’s Jewish Mellah and this historic cemetery. Touring the American Ligation Museum,  strolling the Grand Socco and sipping Mint Tea at Cafe Hafa are essential activities not to missed.
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