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Moroccan Golden Age 10 Day Co Existence Tour

Morocco Golden Age 10 Day Cowxistence Private Tour:
With the outburst of war in The Middle East in October 2023 what better a time to visit a Muslim country that has historically prided itself on mutual coexistence! Come celebrate Morocco’s Interfaith Heritage with Travel Exploration. As, a country home to a Muslim, Jewish and Christian populous who flourish in unity, Morocco is an anomaly along with being a leading example of Co Existence within the Muslim World today.
On this Golden Age Imperial Morocco Tour:
Learn about How Muslims, Jews and Christians have lived together peacefully for over a Century. Explore Sephardic, Jewish and Muslim History. Meet Local Communities. Open Discussion. Tour Majestic Mosques and Synagogues of the Mellah. Visit Holy Sites and Architectural Landmarks. Participate in Culinary Workshops and Tastings: Sephardic Jewish and Moroccan Cuisine. Saunter through Andalusian Gardens, Bustling Souks & Markets.
Morocco and Israel have had 6 decades of secret ties and cooperation. On August 7th, 2020, the Israeli Priminster, Shimon Peres, visited Ifrane, Morocco where he held talks with the late King Hassan II. This event was met with great controversary in the Arab world at the time.
Moroccan Jews have historically adored for the former King of Morocco, Hassan II, since he loved and protected them, along with his father, Mohammed V, during World War II. Mohammed V refused to sell the Jews to the Vichy Nazi goverenment, claiming that they were " Moroccan Citizens." 
Morocco also played a signficant role in mediating between Israel and Egypt during he preceding years prior to the signing of the peace treaty in March 1978 which notably made Egypt the first Arab state to officially recognize Israel.
The Time is Now! Join the Co-Existence Movement. Visit Morocco Today.
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