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Marrakech Morocco Tour

The Best Marrakech, Morocco Private Tour. An Ultimate Marrakech Insiders Guided Experience to this Red Hamra City. Discover the YSL Gardens Complex, Berber Museum, Spice Souks, Historic Madrasas and Museums, Andalusian Gardens and the Lively Djemaa El Fna Square.
Marrakech Tour Description: Explore the Red City on a Marrakech Private Tour. Explore the Yvest Saint Laurent Majorelle Gardens, the historic Spice Souks, Djemaa el Fna Square, Bahia Palace, Ben Youssef Medersa, the Saadian Tombs, Koutoubia Mosque and delightful alleys filled with traditional Moroccan crafts and cuisine.
Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm 
Morocco Travel Included: Marrakech Old Medina & Siteseeing Tour, Luxury Morocco transport, English, Arabic, Berber, French Speaking Driver, Fes Expert Licensed Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Riad or Hotel In Marrakech
Travel to Marrakech, Morocco and discover this Imperial City Book a Tour or call (800) 787-8806. Let us be your Morocco Travel. This is a fascinating and cultural tour for first time travelers to Marrakech interested majestic gardens and palaces, mosques and holy places along with picturesque markets, the spice souks. Visits to Jewish Heritage sites can be arranged upon request. 
►Visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museums, the Majorelle Gardens & the Berber Museum
►Explore the Bahia Palaces and the Old Spice Souk 
►Discover the historic Ben Youseef Medersa, the Saadian Tombs and the Koutoubia Mosque & Gardens
Optional: Visit Jewish Heritage Sites: Synagogues, Cemeteries & Stories of the Jewish Mellah  
Moroccan travel experience with its souks, gardenspalaces, snake charmersoutdoor food stalls and fabulous shopping for Moroccan goods.
Visit The Majorelle Gardens The Majorelle Garden is filled with colorful walkways, pondscactus and plants as well as a beautiful shop with hand-made goods.The Majorelle Gardens are a lush, garden estate designed by Jacque Majorelle and maintained byYves Saint Laurent. 
The Majorelle Garden, previously the Jardin Bou Saf, bears its name from its original creator, Jacques Majorelle, the French expatriate artist who was born in Nancy France in 1886. Jacques Majorelle was the son of the celebrated Art Nouveau furniture designer Louis Majorelle. In 1947 he opened his gardens to the public and during this time also painted a magnificent ceiling space at La Mamounia, a five-star hotel with gardens and the place where Alfred Hitchcock wrote, “The Birds.” Jacques Majorelle studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Nancy in 1901 and later in 1919 he went to Marrakech, Morocco to recover from heart problems. He built the garden during those years using special color of blue which he used extensively in the garden that is named after him, Majorelle Blue. Jacques Majorelle returned to France in 1962 after a car incident and died later that year of complications from his injuries. As a collector of unique plants from five continents Jacque Majorelle left to Saint Laurent one of the more unique collections of flore and fauna of this era as well as a place of inspiration and contemplation. Even though Morocco is no longer under the French protectorate, this originally French creation is one of the most beloved areas in Morocco.
►Explore the Berber Museum which show cases historic objects ranging from Berber costumes, Berber silver jewelry, artifacts and Moroccan ceramics, textiles and embroidery. This is a must see piece of Marrakech for all travelers. 
► After your visit on our way to the old medina, we will pass by the La Mammounia Hotel Garden where Alfred Hitchcock wrote the famous film The Birds and then onto El Bahia Palace. 
►Next we will visit 12th century Koutouba Mosque and its influential minaret along with the Mausoleum of Lalla Zohra. Lalla Zohra was a former slave whose mythology is that she turned into a dove at night and performed miracles.
The Koutoubia Mosque and Gardens- The largest mosque in Marrakech, Morocco. The minerat was completed under the reign of the Almohad Caliph Yaqub al- Mansur (1184-1199) and was used as the model for the Giarlda of Seville and for the Hassan Tower of Rabat. The name is derived from the Arabic al-Koutoubiyyin for librarian, since it used to be surrounded by sellers of manuscripts. It is considered the ultimate structure of its kind. The tower is 69 m (221 ft) in height and has a lateral length of 12.8 m (41 ft). Six rooms (one above the other) constitute the interior; leading around them is a ramp by way of which the muezzin could ride up to the balcony. It is built in a traditional Almohad style and the tower is adorned with four copper globes.
El Bahia Palace - The El Bahia Palace in Marrakech is a beautiful building and an excellent example of Eastern Architecture from the 19th century that represents trends and standards of the wealthy who lived at that time. It was built for Ahmed Ibn Moussa (or Ba Ahmed) between 1894 and 1900 in the Alawi style that was popular at the time. Craftsmen were brought from Fes to work on this monumental task which took approximately fifteen years to complete. It is said that the palace was built as a home for Ba Ahmed’s official concubines, and it has also been said that the importance or favor of each concubine increased along with the size of their bedroom. The name ‘Bahia’ means ‘palace of the beautiful.” There are 160 different rooms in the palace which are sprawled out in an open, rambling fashion. Decorations take the form of subtle stucco panels, zellij decorations, tiled floors, smooth arches, carved-cedar ceilings, shiny marble (tadlak) finishes and zouak painted ceilings. The palace is surrounded by an eight-hectare garden.
►Next visit the sixteenth century Saadian Tombs with its stark towers, the ruined 16th century El Badhi palace, and the Mellah and the Jewish quarter.
The Saadian Tombs - The Saadian tombs in Marrakech date back from the time of the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603). The tombs were only recently discovered (in 1917) and were restored by the Beaux-arts service. The tombs have, because of the beauty of their decoration, been a major attraction for visitors of Marrakech. The mausoleum comprises the corpses of about sixty members of the Saadi Dynasty that originated in the valley of the Draa River. 
Your guide will then help you navigate through the labyrinth like streets and alleys of Djemma El Fna Square. Enjoy the aromatic streets, taste the fresh squeeze orange juice and venture into the souks (shops) specializing in Berber carpetssilver jewelry, artisan workshops,handmade shoes, tanneries, etc.  Marrakech is a city of underground channels built by the architects from Cordoba, Spain to provide water for the town and Palmery. 
Enjoy a three- course lunch consisting of fresh salad, tajine and fruit at one of Marrakech most delectable restaurants.
Visit the Jewish Mellah - Founded in 1558 by Moulay Abdallah, the Mellah district was designated as the Jewish quarter in Marrakech. At the time of the Spanish religious wars, Jewish refugees were escaping the country, and were offered this little piece of security by the Sultan. 
The Old Spice Market- The Rahba Kedima is a colorful market filled with a wide array of spices from Cumin, Cinnamon, Saffron, Dried Pepper and more.
After lunch visit the contemporary Moroccan Art Museum or Tiskiwin, a private museum in Marrakech that is dedicated to popular arts & crafts, styled as a beautiful Spanish-Moroccan house, next door to Dar Si Said palace, a smaller version of the Bahia.
Extended Evening Tour Option: On our final visit we will travel to the new city, French, Gueliz also referred to as the garden district and the home of the Menara Gardens and Agadal Gardens.
Evening Dinner & Chez Ali Show Option:
Departure for Dinner & Chez Ali Equestrian & Moroccan Music Show. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a traditional Meknes style Fantasia. Berber folklore and a wide range of musical styles from Moroccan groups such as Chabbi musicians, Rap and Gnaoua are performed. Attendees will see jugglers. the flying carpet, belly dancing and finally the Fantasia show. Menu: Three CourseDinner:  Entree: Harira Soup. Main Course: Mishwei & Couscous. Desert: Fruit & Pastries served on site in Marrakech’s lush palmary. 
Marrakech Top 10 Historic Sites: Gardens, Museums & Monuments 
All Visited on This Marrakech One-Day Tour
#1 Majorelle Garden & The Museum of Islamic Art
#2 The Mosque of Koutoubia, Koutoubia Gardens & Tomb of Lalla Zohra
#3 The Bahia Palace
#4 El Badi Palace
#5 Ben Youssef Medersa
#6 Musee de Marrakech and Almoravid Koubba
#7 Marrakech Souks, Ramparts & Medina
#8 Saadian Tombs
#9 Musee Dar Si Said & Museum Tiskiwin
#10 Menara Gardens & Agdal Gardens - Option
Travel to Marrakech Morocco take a one-day excursion to the Ourika Valley or Oukaimden. (Book a Tour or call(800) 787-8806. Let us be your guide to Morocco Travel. 
Ourika Valley One-Day Morocco Tour  
Duration: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Morocco Travel: In Luxury 4x4
English, Arabic, Berber French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Hotel In Marrakesh
Depart from your hotel. Take a day off from the city heat to travel southeast of Marrakech, Morocco.
►Travel in an air-conditioned/ heated Land Cruiser and visit the Souk Tnine de L’orika, the gateway to the pleasant OurikaValley.
►The souk, located near a picturesque zaouia with a rock drop background, has the largest souk of the valley every Monday.
►Your driver will stop so you can browse the local crafts and other Moroccan travel treasures. The next forty miles of road will be filled with gardens, land cultivated by palm tree plantations and fruit trees, tiny hamlets, summer homes, and cafes and restaurants where it is possible to have lunch in a traditional auberge or if you prefer something more key, a picnic facing the snow capped mountain and overlooking the Ourika River. Moving through the valley we will visit Setti Fatma, a favorite weekend resort of many Marrakshis that is appreciated for its beautiful streams and waterfalls. We will visit the famous tomb of Setti Fatma. During the middle of August an exciting four day festival takes place over the tomb. 
►After visiting Setti Fatma, we will explore the valley's green terraces, surrounded by Atlas peaks, rocky village foothills and seven waterfalls. The half day tour ends here but an extended tour allows you to trek along some of the pretty trails. If you seek adventure, climbing up rock carvingsGorges, and crests is an option.
Oukaïmeden One-Day Morocco Tour
Duration: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Morocco Travel: In Luxury 4x4
English, French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Hotel In Marrakech
►Depart from your hotel. Travel to Oukaimeden. 
►During the winter time the slopes of Djebel Oukaïmeden offer the best skiing when traveling in Morocco. In the summer time it is an enjoyable base for day-hikes, particularly to the Tizi-n-Ouaddi pass, the village of Tachedirt, Imlil and through the Tizi-n-test pass.
►See rock carvings dating from the Bronze Age depicting cattle, elephants and sun wheels. Only an hour drive from Marrakech, Oukaïmeden is a fun day trip for travelers to Morocco and you will get to see High Atlas wildlife.
►In the springtime thyme, caper, and golden threads of bloom mingle along the lower slopes. There are also wet meadows and in May and June, acres of orchids roam OukaïmedenBring your camera because there is a lot of exquisite natural scenery to photograph and painted frogs, Lanner falcons, storks and other unique animals make for a great photo opportunity.
►Lunch can be arranged with a Berber family or at several local mountain-top restaurants.
Essaouira One-Day Morocco Private Tour: Travel To Morocco's Seaside Resort
Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Morocco Travel: In Luxury 4x4
English, French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Riad or Hotel In Marrakesh
Departure from your hotel. Travel to Morocco's seaside resort, Essaouira for the day.

Essaouria is a fun-filled and relaxing day trip from Marrakech. Visit this eighteenth-century sea-side medieval town that boasts lovely white-washed and blue-shuttered housescolonnades, thuya wood workshopsart galleries and mouthwatering seafood.
►Once called Mogador by European sailors and traders, Essaouria is known for its annual Gnaoua Music Festival that attracts 300,000+ people in June and its expansive beach for surfing called Plage de Safi.
►A stroll along the town’s sunlit pedestrian main square, Place Prince Moulayel Hassan and the Skala du Port, the fishing harbor offers breathtaking views of the Portuguese ramparts. Explore the ramparts and the spice and jewelry souks.
Have lunch at the fish-grill cafes, with wooden tables and benches laid out overlooking the sea that was once- in the nineteenth century- the only Moroccan port traveled to south of Tangier.
After lunch visit Orson Welles’ Square and memorial, designed by Samir Mustapha, one of the towns artists, which pays homage to Orson Welles filming of Othello in Essaouira.  
Essaouira, is a city that reminds us of the times when Spain, Portugal and England fought to maintain control over its coasts. It is a typically Portuguese harbor with beautiful architecture as an example of Moorish and Portuguese arts. Essaouira is known for its artists who work on thuja, its silver market, the art gallery and the harbor.
Chez Ali Fantasia Show - Marrakech, Palmery
Duration: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Morocco Travel: In Luxury 4x4
English, French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Hotel In Marrakesh 

Evening Departure From Your Hotel. Travel to Morocco's Chez Ali Equestrian Fantasia Show

The fantasia is a warrior ceremony opposing various groups of horse riders, Each group quivers under light, and the riders point their long rifles to the sky, shout out simultaneously and leave behind them a cloud of dust, before spouting their " black baroud of honor "
Dinner, at Chez Ali is made up chiefly of harira, méchoui and couscous, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the Berber folkshow, the performance of jugglers, the flying carpet, the belly dance and, last but not least, the fantasia show. This is a spectacular evening and event worth every moment.
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