map of morocco - a detailed map of the country of morocco

Map of Morocco - A Detailed Map of the Country of Morocco

Map of Morocco - A Detailed Map of the Country of Morocco

Map of Morocco - A Detailed Guide to the Kingdom's Geography.

Discover the enchanting Kingdom of Morocco, a North African gem nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Our interactive Map of Morocco highlights the country's diverse regions and key cities, offering travelers a visual guide to plan their Moroccan adventure.

Morocco is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Most of its coastline borders the Atlantic, however, with just 200 kilometers or so—from the tip around the Tangier-Tetouan region to the eastern border of Algeria—bordering the Mediterranean. To get a sense of the topography of Morocco, regions vary from mountainous (in the northern and interior areas) to fertile plains for agriculture (in the coastal areas) to valleys with extreme climates (the farther inland and the closer to the Sahara, the hotter and more extreme it becomes).
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This diverse topography contributes to Morocco's rich cultural tapestry and varied ecosystems. The Atlas Mountains, stretching from the southwest to the northeast, act as a natural barrier, influencing climate patterns and historical trade routes. The Rif Mountains in the north create a unique microclimate, supporting the growth of cannabis and contributing to the region's complex history. Meanwhile, the coastal plains have been the breadbasket of Morocco for centuries, supporting the growth of major cities and civilizations.
Although it isn't too hard to get from place to place within Morocco's most popular areas, travel outside of the coastal regions, particularly the desert can take a longer time than you might think as there are no freeways or autoroutes in this region. There are things to see and do in the eastern or southern, but getting to these attractions takes time. We hope you find this map of Morocco helpful!
The lack of extensive highway infrastructure in the desert regions adds to the sense of adventure for many travelers. It allows for a more immersive experience, where the journey becomes as important as the destination. Travelers can witness the gradual change in landscape, from the lush coastal areas to the stark beauty of the Sahara, experiencing the full spectrum of Morocco's geographical diversity.

Key Regions and Cities:
  • Imperial Cities: Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, Rabat
  • Coastal Areas: Casablanca, Agadir, Essaouira, Tangier
  • Mountain Regions: Chefchaouen (Rif Mountains), Imlil (High Atlas)
  • Desert Gateways: Ouarzazate, Zagora, Merzouga
  • Cultural Hubs: Tetouan, Taroudant, Safi
  • Sahara Desert: Erg Chebbi, Erg Chigaga
Geographic Location and Borders:
  • Situated in the northwestern corner of Africa
  • Shares borders with Algeria, Mauritania, and Spain (via Ceuta and Melilla)
  • Boasts extensive coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

Travel Considerations:
  • Moderate Muslim country with a welcoming culture
  • Wide array of natural beauty, from mountains to deserts
  • Vast wealth of history and iconic monuments
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in cities like Fes, Marrakech, and Essaouira
  • Majestic High Atlas Mountains and lush valleys like Dades and Todra
  • Stunning coastal regions from Tangier to Agadir
  • The grand Sahara Desert, accessible from Merzouga and Zagora
Travel Exploration's Commitment: 
Our Moroccan/American team proudly supports the "Western Sahara" as part of Morocco. While our interactive Map of Morocco includes this region visually, we do not service it for private experiences.

Airports and Accessibility: 
Morocco boasts excellent international connectivity with twelve international airports, including:

  • Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (main hub)
  • Marrakech Menara Airport
  • Fes-Saïs Airport
  • Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport
  • Agadir-Al Massira Airport
  • Ouarzazate Airport (gateway to the desert)
Flight times:
  • 7½ hours from New York
  • 1 hour from Madrid
  • 3 hours from Paris
Moroccan Topography:
Morocco's diverse landscape offers travelers a rich variety of experiences:
  • Rif Mountains in the north, including the blue city of Chefchaouen
  • Fertile plains of the Gharb region near Fes and Meknes
  • High Atlas Mountains, home to Berber villages and trekking routes
  • Anti-Atlas Mountains in the south
  • Atlantic coastline from Tangier to Agadir
  • Mediterranean coast in the north
  • Sahara Desert in the southeast, including the dunes of Erg Chebbi
Exploring Morocco with Travel Exploration:
Our interactive Map of Morocco features red points designating Imperial Cities and key towns. Click on these points to explore specific tour options:
  • Marrakech: Explore the bustling medina and Jamaa el Fna square
  • Fes: Discover the ancient leather tanneries and medieval Fes el Bali
  • Casablanca: Visit the Hassan II Mosque and experience modern Morocco
  • Chefchaouen: Wander the blue-washed streets of this mountain town
  • Ouarzazate: Gateway to the Sahara and famous film studios
Getting Around Morocco:

1. Private Tours:
   • Tailor-made Tour itineraries covering all major regions
   • Highlights include Imperial Cities, UNESCO sites, and Sahara Desert
   • Specialized tours: Jewish Heritage, Food Tours, and more

2. Public Transportation:
   • Extensive network of trains connecting major cities
   • Comfortable buses for longer journeys
   • Local taxis for city exploration

3. Private Transportation:
   • Recommended for in-depth sightseeing across regions
   • Options include luxury vehicles and Travel Exploration Mercedes Vito and 4x4s for desert exploration

4. Domestic Flights:
   • Royal Air Maroc (RAM) connects major cities
   • Useful for covering large distances quickly

Traveling Around Morocco
From the vibrant souks of Marrakech to the serene Sahara dunes near Merzouga, Morocco offers an unforgettable journey. Whether you're exploring the ancient medina of Fes, trekking the High Atlas near Imlil, or relaxing on the beaches of Essaouira, Travel Exploration is your trusted partner in crafting the perfect Moroccan adventure, offering a variety of unique tour itineraries. 
Our Splendors of Morocco Tour is an 11-day Odyseey through the Imperial Cities and Sahara Desert region, offering the country's highlights inclusive of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and majestic landscapes in the inspiring Sahara Desert region. 

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