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Moroccan Mosaic Tour, A Magical Experience to be Remembered

 Dear Alecia,

Thank you for creating a magical, mosaic experience that delighted our minds and senses. My husband and I were delighted with all that was provided for us through Travel Exploration. Our drivers, Hossaine and Tahar, plus many tour guides in each location, helped us see and understand the phenomenal sights of this country, with professionalism and knowledge. From cities to desert, high mountains to coastline, we found the people of Morocco to be so varied and interesting. Most of all, Fes was the place I would most like to revisit. The old medina is the best one in Morocco, hauntingly enigmatic, colorful, and fascinating, with its mazes to explore. We stayed at the Riad Myra, which is so magnificent, that we felt like a prince and princess in a castle. In addition, all the other riads selected for us during this trip each had their unique appearance and atmosphere. Every one was unusual, not the feel of a regular hotel, but a place from a storybook with marvelous service. ?Alecia Cohen pays much attention to her guests and listens to what they like as she plans the vacation with places to visit and rest. No details are spared. One night we were dining at the restaurant, Kasbah Des Sables in Ouarzazate, which is both beautiful and indescribable, and not to be missed! My husband's eye started to bother him, swell, and close. Although it was quite late in the evening, Travel Exploration was able to get an ophthalmologist to come to the restaurant. The doctor told my husband what was wrong, which was simply an allergy to a plant in a garden we had visited, ordered eye drops from a pharmacy, accompanied us to pick up the prescription, and charged us nothing. We could not believe it! My husband's eye improved by the next day and in two days was healed. ?Alecia Cohen is an amazing tour director because she truly loves Morocco and constantly works to find out more so she can satisfy her guests! There are many other comments I could make about the different sights at places we traveled to, and I look forward to returning to see the ones we didn't have time for during this trip. What we did experience, however, will remain in our hearts and minds forever!
Review by Majestic Morocco Tour
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